Visa? Check!

Planning for travelling is exciting. It’s fun being wrapped up in the thrill of thinking about all the possible things you want to see and do.  It gives you a sense of ambition, determination and purpose.

The main hurdle that I wanted to achieve first and foremost was the oh so crucial ‘Working Holiday Visa’. Without this, the trip was just creative imagination. Words and terms became increasingly familiar and some, frustrating to hear throughout the process.  Some of these include:

  • ‘Kompass’. The important account for uploading your documents (which you almost always forget your login for, because your username and password are required to be so unique!)
  • ‘IEC’ – International Experience Canada. A website that was probably my most visited bookmark of the year.
  • ‘VAC’ – Visa Application Centre.
  • ‘WTN’ – World Tracking Number.  The number you start to gain an obsession with and compare with strangers in a forum to try and work out which stage you’re at in the application process.
  • ‘POE letter’ – Port of Entry letter/conditional acceptance letter. This is basically your lifeline to Canada.  Once you have this, you are pretty much good to go! (Although, you are advised that this does not guarantee that they will accept you at the border)
  • ‘CIC’ – Citizen and Immigration Canada.
  • Police certificate.. and many many more.

Some of that may just be gobbledygook to you, for which I apologise.  But after all of the registering to numerous accounts and forums, document scanning, mailing, form filling, document uploading, waiting and more waiting, trying to get past systems crashing during those crucial moments, religiously checking your inbox for that receipt of your submissions; your life becomes one big crazy visa-obsessed cycle.  It can become quite stressful.. UNTIL you receive that all important POE! Hurrah!

Signing in to find my acceptance letter was just as exciting as finding out the classification for my degree! So from here on, things started to get exciting and stress free!



I initially created this blog to be used as an ‘online diary’, however I find that letting my mind spill onto paper is easier than on a computer screen; particularly when I didn’t have access to internet.  Besides, there’s nothing better than scrawling your thoughts and ideas across a journal, in handwriting that you can barely even read yourself.  But now my journey has come to an end, I thought I ought to make some sense of my scribble and share some of my stories (exciting and dull)!  With the way media is developing, it’ll probably be a lot easier for me to read back on my adventure here, than digging out a diary worn with age, that will probably become buried in a box among many others, tucked away in my future garage or attic..

Back on topic.. I decided that I wanted to travel whilst I was studying at university.  It was always something that I aspired to do, and with hearing amazing tales from my sister who explored Canada for a year, it made me even more determined to start an adventure.  After graduating from university, I spent the summer and winter of 2012 working in temporary jobs to save money fast.  It was tedious, but by April 2013 I was ready to go!